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#WardCategoryNameMobile NumberTitleDescriptionProposed SolutionAvailable Facilities 
1EMABUNGOHealth CareAndrew Mbuya0722910539Eliangoma Health CenterWe have a health center fully built up but without staffing and equipment. It was recently staffed with two nurses who work between 9 am and 3 pm.

This health center has ability to reach a radius of 5km or more, over 1000 population.
I propose that the county equips the facility fully.Fully built up structures. I can help in paying voluntary staff.
2EMABUNGOAndrew Mbuya0722910539ECD ClassroomsThe ECD classrooms at Waluka Primary School are in dire need of repair. They have large cracks with unstable walls, totally not safe to house children.

Secondly, all the levels of ECD study in the same classroom. Three teachers in the same room.
Repair the current classroom and build two others for all levels to be housed independently.One old classroom within the school.
3EMABUNGOAndrew Mbuya0722910539Community water projectThe entire community gets its water for consumption from natural springs. With the growth in population of Senior citizens of 70 years of age and above, access to clean water for consumption is a major challenge.

We propose a borehole project to be undertaken to solve this problem.
Identify underground water aquifers and sink a borehole, then build a tank at the top of Eliakhungu hill to enable supply of water to various homes and collection points.There are known sources of water and springs that never dry up. Such can be developed. In addition, I can contribute finance towards piping of elderly homesteads to give them access to this resource.
4Grace Andesiah0721256686Road repairRoad repairFilling pot holes Labour
5EMABUNGOGrace Andesiah0721256686In feeds roadRoad repairFill in pot holesHuman resource
6WEMILABIRoad construction254720841355Security Within the areaLighting the area with overhead security lights for security reasons during the nightLighting the area with overhead security lights for security reasons during the night. The Esther Paris Kind of lighting.Workmanship
7CENTRAL BUNYOREHealth CareWASHINGTONE WESA OLANDO+254726305315EMUSIRE HEALTH CAREPlease make the hospital district level. Equip it to the best level. Make the Mortuary working and equipped.Come we have meetings and create a committee to stand in your helpThe health facility has buildings without equipment and drugs
8MWIBONASocial ServicesFRANCIS WAYNE MATIKA 0711819914Nang'oli water projectThe water project was started in 2014 but the county government never picked it up for completion when devolution came into being.Maintain the pumps and complete piping to enable supply of the water to the peopleThere's sufficient water to supply the entire Luanda and Emuhaya sub counties.
9WEST BUNYORETransport Infrastructurejack otieno0727246497Road tarmarking I would like to request the Governor and his team to please look on tarmarking of the road that connects rabuor heading to yala since it will improove acces to the resources around rabuor that are not available in parts of west bunyore such as a hospital and the closest market where trading can be donetarmarking of the road that had been murrammed earlier by the outgoing governorthe road willbe am easier option to improove access to various facilities
10LUGAGA-WAMULUMAWomen and YouthEdgar Asava Keverenge0725300233Youth EmpowermentEducation and rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addicts.
Many able bodied youth have rendered themselves useless due to excessive alcohol consumption. They don't work but only camp in roads, wines & spirits shops and chang'aa dens all day. And from as early as 5am.
Concerted efforts should be put in place to come up with a serious programme to regularly and continuously educate these youth on the demerits of alcohol and drug abuse.
Health extension volunteers should be recruited, trained and sent out to work with these youth.
A fully fledged county rehabilitation centre be established and willing victims ready for change be admitted, counselled and treated for free.
Income generating activities be introduced to the youth and they be trained on the same.
Chamas also be formed for the youth. Be trained on how to save, table banking, loans
Drug peddlers be educated and facilitated on other avenues of making money.
Mbale Referral Hospital existing facilities could be used to set up a Training & Rehabilitation Centre.
11CENTRAL BUNYORETransport InfrastructureOBORAH RHENSON0700226472Luanda - Emusire RoadThe Road was to be upgraded to bitumen standard No signs of the project start soon, the road in poor conditionsince this was a project for the past regime, it should commence immediately to open up the area for accesibilityHuman Labour
12CENTRAL BUNYORESecurity and SafetyRHENSON OBORAH0700226472Street/Market Lighting (MWICHIO MARKET)The above stated market provides the house holds and food stuffs for citizens within the locality, its their for asource of income to residences, due to poor lightening causing insecurity, the traders are forced to close their shops and other businesses as early as 6:30 pm when the darkness checks in this causes inconviniences to their bisinessesThe market should be well lighten up to allow an extension of carrying the business atleast 10PM or even possible a 24 hrs businesseshuman labour
13CENTRAL BUNYOREEducationRHENSON OBORA0700226472ESSUNZA SECONDARY SCHOOLThe project was initiated by mwichio ACK Church inconjuction with Essunza Primary School Courtesy of the immediade former Emuhaya constituency MP the Current governor H.E. Hon. Dr Ottichilo (PhD) who saw that the project had acquired a titled percel of land for the project to be fully implemented before his tenure as an MP ended this august 8th. Since the land for the said project has been perchased, i recomment the immediate construction of classrooms in the land since the current school population is increasing currently it has students in form 3 who are expected to register for national exams next year, also the current location is not suitable for learning as well as inadequate facilities for learning as well as human resource i.e TeachersHuman Labour
14MUHUDUFood SecurityDavid Shikambe0705862812agriculture empoweredHorticultural farmingTo provide vegetables and fruits for self sustainability. Land and farm manure.
15MUHUDUPublic Private PartnershipsDavid Shikambe0705862812clean water and Sanitation.Water supply in Muhudu ward.Reduce time wastage by going to the river.
Help supply water for horticultural farming.
Land for horticultural.
Sand and construction stones.
16EMABUNGOTransport InfrastructureBuxtone Muchela0713348447Kima-Emukhuya-Emmatsi-Maseno RoadThis road was purportedly commissioned several years ago even before devolution took effect. There has been a minimal effort towards its construction. It is a vital road because it connects Kima market center, Emukhuya Primary School & Community, Emmatsi Group of Schools & Community and Maseno.Therefore, if it will be constructed and tarmacked it will be largely beneficial to the entire Emabungo ward residents and school going children especially those who climb the hill going to Emmatsi Secondary School. Business people will also benefit a lot if it is tarmacked.Manpower, construction materials such as boulders and water can be provided locally.
17SHIRUFood SecurityJackson Ihaji0700892414Green HousesGreen houses for youth to embrace Agriculture and boost food security in our areasI propose the County government to identify willing youth and youth groups whom can be supported with loans and a structure established for repayment. The loans will assist the youth to set up green houses to produce various types of food to reduce dependence on rain fed agriculture and create employment for them.
The food will improve food availability in our area and the surplus can be sold to generate income.
18GISAMBAITransport InfrastructureEng allan saliku0720978631Gisambai hamisi roadRoad in bad stateTarmac the roadLabour
19GISAMBAINatural ResourcesEng allan saliku0720978631Gaga water projectIncomplete water works project Finalize work the community to utilize piped waterLabour
20NORTH EAST BUNYORETransport InfrastructureBRYSON ONG'ANYA OMULEMA0796821884EBUNANGWE-EMUREMBE-KILINGILI ROADMake shift bridge made with logs,the road not completedconstuction of a bridge,health facility